Testimonials ForMagan Marie Drane & Kristin Edelman

I simply couldn’t say enough great things

We had an amazing experience buying our home with Magan, from start to finish. This was our first time buying a home, and we had a lot of questions, confusion, and probably weird expectations. Magan was extremely patient with us, going through every detail of the process and promptly responding to our incessant email questions at all hours of the day. She acted like she was “on-call” for us from the minute we met her until we signed! So great.
We put in some long weekends looking at homes, too. Magan was really flexible about being available when it worked with our schedules, and would go all over town with us as we deliberated on what we wanted – and even went back to the same house in the same day when we wanted to see if again! She was relaxed during this part, and gave us feedback when we wanted it. We had a lot of fun house hunting with her, to be honest!
I simply couldn’t say enough great things about our experience with Magan. Buying a house is a deeply personal experience, and Magan matched our mood and our needs every step of the way. She’s remained available for some of our lingering questions, and will be the very first person we call when we are ready to move again. Of course, she helped us find the perfect house, so I don’t know when we’ll be moving – but if we do, we will use Magan to help us find our next house.
She’s basically the best 🙂