Testimonials ForMagan Marie Drane & Kristin Edelman

The best first step you take to finding your ideal home

Kristin is a fantastic realtor; incredibly hard-working, genuine, honest, savvy, resourceful, extremely knowledgeable and committed to helping her clients. We could not be more satisfied with the level of service she provides and we highly recommend her to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell.

We came to Kristin with a very specific search area- one neighborhood, with homes that rarely turn over. She coordinated a mailing to all of the homes in our desired neighborhood that matched our size and yard criteria. She then followed up with phone calls to each home owner. When we were considering a fixer-upper but were completely uneducated about what it would cost to renovate the home she called in a general contractor to walk through and provide an estimate to inform our decision-making. We were able to envision what the home could be because of her resourcefulness. This is just one example among many instances where her willingness to go above and beyond benefitted us.

Throughout the process of finding a new home to buy and selling our home, Kristin was always accessible. This meant a lot to us. Whether it was a quick text or call or her willingness to host an open house, she went above and beyond to convey to us that she was committed to helping us. She stayed in contact and was quick to share feedback after showings- which was much appreciated. This quality is really a rarity in my experience with realtors, and it made all the difference.

Kristin could be counted on to give solid advice at every turn- advice that we knew was grounded and with our best interest at heart. On so many occasions, I would ask “What would you do?” Because I grew to trust her implicitly (after working together for months!) and knew that I’d get an honest answer. I also always felt like she understood that the process of preparing for showings (with little kids) was stressful and I really felt like she tried to minimize the stress throughout the whole process.

Ultimately, we found the perfect home after months of looking and it took a skillful negotiator to make it ours. We were in the best hands with Kristin. It’s easy to see that she has a great rapport with other realtors and is well-respected by them, and she is also a strong advocate for her clients’ interests- a winning combination when you are negotiating for a home that is in high demand!

Kristin’s team is also wonderful- another major asset to her clients. Liz will keep you constantly apprised of where you are in the process and seamlessly coordinates the many finer details of the buying and selling process.

We are grateful to Kristin for everything she has done to put us where we are today- settled into a beautiful home that we absolutely love. Although we didn’t know Kristin at all when we started working with her, we definitely consider her a friend now.

Call Kristin, it will be the best first step you take to finding your ideal home or selling a beloved home.